Korrak the Bloodrager

According to legend, the leader of the mighty Winterax trolls appears at will to wreak havoc on the denizens of Alterac Valley.

Should Korrak make himself known, destroy him and return to Lieutenant Haggerdin in the Alterac Mountains.
Korrak the Bloodrager ucciso


The indigenous Winterax trolls of the region are ruthless savages that would love nothing more than to have our bones added to their foul stew.

We must show them our might!

We have recovered tomes from their caves that detail their leadership hierarchy. The artifacts indicate that their leader, Korrak the Bloodrager, tends to remain hidden until given a reason to make his presence known.

Death to Korrak would mean death to Winterax Clan! Slay him and return.


Sarete in grado di scegliere uno di questi premi:
Bloodseeker Ice Barbed Spear
Wand of Biting Cold
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