Under the Shadow

Check your map to find an area under Scourge attack. Go there and damage a necropolis by defeating the Scourge around them. Return 10 of their Necrotic Runes to Commander Thomas Helleran at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands.
Necrotic Rune (10)


The floating necropolises of the Scourge plague the lands of Horde and Alliance alike. Tanaris, the Blasted Lands, Winterspring and the Burning Steppes are blanketed in the shadows of the flying fortresses.

Only through our combined efforts will they be turned away.

The necropolises are supported by magical circles at various points in the invaded areas. We have determined that destroying the mindless hordes that surround these circles will destroy their defenses.


Sarete in grado di scegliere uno di questi premi:
Blessed Wizard Oil Consecrated Sharpening Stone


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