Writ of Safe Passage

Deliver the signed Writ of Safe Passage to Dispatch Commander Metz at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands.
Writ of Safe Passage Signed
Writ of Safe Passage (Fornito)


Without the help of adventurers, my caravan would have never made it! Scourge were coming out of the woodwork to try and stop us from getting here.

<Guard Didier wipes his brow.>

Now we need to wait here for Field Marshal Chambers to arrive. He'll sign your writ of safe passage to take back to Dispatch Commander Metz at Light's Hope Chapel.

And <name>, watch what you say around Chambers. He's the 'bite off your head and spit down your wind pipe' type of guy - except that he'll actually do it...


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Insignia of the Dawn Insignia of the Crusade


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